”Bending Gravity” A Photography Exhibition by Nadia Kouloura

Bending gravity is to defy gravity..

Literally and metaphorically.

Bodies that swing and move beyond the usual rules.

When we are in balance and harmony with Nature, we conquer our inner balance.

When Existence is in contact and in harmony with Nature, magical images get revealed in front of our eyes.

Athletes-dancers exercise every day with discipline and consistency, for many hours, in exercises-positions of balance and strength.

Watching them exercise, the feelings of uplifting, euphoria and admiration are intense.

The photographic lens captures this ethereal and dynamic encounter: the athletes-dancers, into natural landscapes, in total harmony with the environment.

The sense that remains, is their persistent work and their focus in making perfect every movement, that gives this ethereal result.

These magical images that I saw, I wanted to share with you.
The photo shootings took place in collaboration with Angelos Andriotis, who is the founder and master trainer of International Calisthenics Academy, and the athletes Angelos Triantafyllou, Lydia Kollia and Ismini Maria Anemogianni.

Dates: July 25th – August 7th, 2019

Venue: Roidis Cultural Center, Syros Island, Greece

Entrance: Free

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