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Evaggelos Chasiotis And His ”Golden Pass” Sweet Proposal

Our team member, Lili Panagoulia goes round and smells the success of big events in Athens, Greece. So, this time Lili attended the event which was organized for the award-winning pastry chef Evaggelos Chasiotis who once again astounded everyone with his new sweet “temptation” called the “Golden Pass“, a special pastry proposal for the year 2020. November 28, 2019, Evaggelos’ presentation was held at “The Ecali Club”, a wonderful, strictly private, country club in the Northern suburbs of Athens.

Golden Pass 2020” by Evaggelos Chasiotis Haute Patisserie is yet another innovative idea by the well-known and very beloved pastry chef, who presented his new creation in two versions (coated with chocolate ganache & miroir au chocolat blanc). What makes this pastry proposal unique is a 100% edible 23.7ct gold leaf that decorates and transforms each of these versions into real works of art!

The event was hosted and coordinated by the well-known actress and presenter Natalia Dragoumi who addressed the Chef while the amazing dj Maggie Charalampidou was behind the decks!

As expected the event was a complete success and attended by famous actors, journalists, models, socialites, high society representatives etc.

A few words about Evaggelos Chasiotis

Evaggelos Chasiotis was born and raised in Karditsa, where he had his first contact with the pastry industry. His ongoing search for skills, deeper knowledge and experience leads him to the historic city of Rimini, Italy, where he will attend a specialized series of seminars on handmade Italian ice cream, after completing his studies at “Le Gourmet “ Institution where he attained his degrees in Pastry Arts and F&B Management.

Chef Chasiotis is a highly-skilled professional who has received numerous prestigious awards in Greece and Europe. His creations are his identity, his personal imprint, a bridge of talent and inspiration. A dreamy, restless spirit, modern & creative but also a perfectionist, he never settles for typical commercial pastry norms. Instead he is constantly seeking & experimenting in order to discover new paths to the wonderful world of taste and pleasure.      

Pastry chef Chasiotis’ previous experience includes various well-known restaurants and patisseries in Central Greece and the Greek islands. He currently works at Caffè I Frati Kifissia and I Frati Mykonos

Photographer: Maria Vardaki

Lili Panagoulia-Molecular Scientist/Socialite at the Evaggelos Chasiotis event

Spanish tortilla (source Jamie Oliver)

“This classic Spanish dish is very versatile and quick to whip up. The tortilla (or Spanish omelette) can be served hot or cold and is a fantastic way of using up all kinds of ingredients – simply add in any leftover vegetables, crumbled or grated cheese, jarred red peppers or cooked sausage. They’ll all taste great, so get experimenting! ”

300 g waxy potatoes
1 onion
olive oil
5 large free-range eggs


Peel the potatoes using a speed-peeler, then carefully cut them into thin slices. Pat the potato slices dry with a clean tea towel.
Peel and finely slice the onion. Drizzle 2 tablespoons of oil into a small frying pan over a medium heat, then add the onion and potatoes.
Turn the heat down to low and cook for 25 to 30 minutes, or until the onions are turning golden and the potato slices are cooked through. Try not to stir it too much or the potatoes will break up – just use a fish slice to flip them over halfway through.
Crack the eggs into a mixing bowl, season with a tiny pinch of sea salt and black pepper, then whisk together with a fork.
When the onions and potatoes are cooked, remove the pan from the heat and carefully tip them into the eggs. Transfer the mixture back into the frying pan and place it over a low heat. Cook for around 20 minutes, or until there’s almost no runny egg on top.
Use a fish slice to slightly lift and loosen the sides of the tortilla. Carefully flip the pan over a dinner plate and tip out the tortilla, then slide it back into the pan and cook for another 5 minutes, or until golden and cooked through.
Turn out the tortilla onto a serving board, then cut into 6 wedges and serve hot or cold with a simple green salad.