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Bette Midler Talks Social Media — and Why She Sent Kim Kardashian ‘Kudos’ After Their Twitter Feud (source People)

She’s the queen of camp — and, in recent years, the queen of Twitter shade!

Since joining Twitter in 2010, Bette Midler has shared her opinions on the social media platform, poking fun at everyone from Justin Bieber’s dad to the first family of reality TV.

While she’s ruffled some feathers, the icon says it’s all in good fun.

“I look at it as entertainment. I don’t take it seriously,” says Midler, 70, who is reissuing a deluxe version of her 1972 debut The Divine Miss M. “It’s easier to write a thought in 140 characters than it is to waffle on for acres and acres and acres of words. If it amuses a few people a couple times a day, great. They shouldn’t look for anything more than that.”

After nude photos of Bieber hit the web last year, his father commented on the size of his son’s manhood, writing in a now-deleted tweet, “what do you feed that thing #proud daddy.” Midler jumped into the fray, admonishing the pop star’s parent: “.@justinbieber dad tweeted he’s proud of his son’s penis size. I think the biggest d— in this situation is the dad who abandoned his son.”

And earlier this year, the actress-singer aimed her barbs at the Kardashian clan, criticizing Kim for her nude selfie-seen-round the world in March, then in June joking that she’d named her chickens Kourtney, Kim and Khloé.

But last month, Midler — who will star in Broadway’s upcoming Hello, Dolly! revival in March — appeared to let bygones be bygones when she tweeted some sincere praise Kim’s way.

“I did give her major, major kudos for standing up for Armenia,” Midler says of the Armenian-American reality star and tech maven, who wrote an essay slamming the Wall Street Journal after the paper sold an advertisement to a group who denied the Armenian Genocide.

Indeed, in September, Midler tweeted: “Bravo to @KimKardashian for calling out @wallstjournal for printing an ad denying the Armenian genocide! Bravo to all who refuse to forget!”

Adds Midler, “I thought that was really good and really brave and a real reason to give her a shout-out.”

He’s to Play Michael Jackson in Upcoming Movie! (source Posh24)

In the last couple of days people all over the world have been criticizing the Oscars when it was revealed that no colored actors were nominated this year – the news of Joseph Fiennes playing Michael Jackson in an upcoming movie could hence not have come at a worse time.

Joseph Fiennes tells Entertainment Tonight that he’s just as shocked over getting the role – he’s a white middle class guy from London, while Michael Jackson is somewhat of an icon in the African American society.

In his defense, Fiennes says that Michael Jackson had a skin disease and that his skin color was closer to his own, rather than the skin color that Michael was born with. Despite this people have been criticizing the choice of actor.