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Scotland International Fashion Festival Glasgow Season 3 on the way

Scotland International Fashion Festival Glasgow Season 2 was once again a huge success in Scotland; where more than 11 international fashion designers showcased their latest collections under one roof to raving audience reviews.
SIFF Season 3 is coming soon to a fabulous new location for 2020, watch this space!
SIFF Founder / Producer Humera Rana promises us a better new trip to all great fashion styles and trends.

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Facebook: Scotland International Fashion Festival

On Aura Tout Vu DES-EQUILIBRIUM Couture Spring -Summer 2020

Paradis Latin Cabaret hosted a superb fashion show. Its stage turned into a catwalk for On Aura Tout Vu brand to showcase the new collection. An eccentric attitude met a theatrical look in this collection, which the designers Livia and Yassen created the outfits based on the new fashion trends and demands of spectators to see something different. Beautiful embroideries with Swarovski crystals and feathers and encrusted safety pins peppered the dresses.


  • Photography: Samseer Syamveettil Vai Thalothil
  • Photography: Samseer Syamveettil Vai Thalothil

Mexikali is the brainchild of Varoin Marwah who curated the entire event. A plethora of celebrities were present on the opening night at Spark by Caramel.

Varoin elegantly attired welcomed all of his friends and show them the way to the dance floor.

Music, glitter, cocktails, dancing and much fun, the elements which embedded in the absolute night of entertainment. Names of the attendees are Vassilios Nicolaos Vitsilogiannis (journalist), Dionyssia Lyra (plant scientist/socialite), Lan Stanley (artist), Steve Stanley (journalist), Priti Malik (radio producer/presenter) et al.

The event is held every Thursday night at Spark by Caramel. RSVP to be part of the fun.

Photography: Samseer Syamveettil Vai Thalothil

All The Winners At The Esquire ME Awards 2019

Our Editor-in-chief Vassilios Nicolaos Vitsilogiannis attended the annual event of Esquire ME Awards that celebrates the outstanding achievements of men and women across the Middle East. Once more, an ab fab event with famous people from all business industries.

Thomas Shambler gives us his view on this great event and set things right.

For ten years Esquire has being on the front lines of culture, style and politics – helping explore and demystify the misconceptions that people had of a region. A region that some would tarnish as having ‘no culture’. But we were here to champion the first waves of creative talents in art, film, music, fashion and literature; and we are still here to champion the brilliant new voices.

Ten years ago when we launched the region was a different place. The world was a different place. We have made enormous strides with regards to gender equality, accountability and sustainability. Creatively we saw the shackles of Arab stereotyping weaken, and a region that began to blossom with self-expression.

We have seen cinemas reopen in Saudi Arabia, an Egyptian win the Oscar for Best Actor, and recently saw an Emirati go into space.

It was a decade in which the region – and the planet – finally woke up to the potential of the Arab world as visionaries, creators and innovators. It was a decade when the region stopped being content with playing a bit part and demanded to be considered as the lead role.

Here are all the winners in no particular order:

Chef of the Year – Izu Ani

Breaking bread with good friends is an essential part of the social culture here in the Gulf – but for a period there was an over-reliance on importing big-name celebrity chefs to fly-in create some hype and leave as quick as they arrived. Our winner this year is the antithesis of that.

Having worked at Dubai stalwart La Petit Maison and successfully launching La Serre, our winner’s reputation continues to sizzle. This year alone he has opened three new restaurants – including his first outside the region in Monaco – and back in February his DIFC restaurant Gaia topped Esquire’s coveted 50 Best Restaurants in the GCC list.

Arguably the UAE’s first ‘celebrity chef’, this man personifies what it is we celebrate the most here at Esquire, someone who has helped showcase the region’s true homegrown talent.

Influencer of the Year – Jeetendr Sehdev

While Social Media can sometimes seem like an endless ocean of vapid self-indulgence, there are some people out there who have dedicated themselves to cutting through the noise to try and understand what makes it – and the people using it – tick. This is the talent of our next winner.

Not only did his debut book ‘The Kim Kardasian Principle’ rocket onto The New York Times’ best-sellers list, but so did his reputation as one of the most influential, thinkers in the world of business, branding and culture transformation.

This year has seen him speak at the United Nations, keynote some of the well-respected business summits, and even spark the idea behind Nike’s hugely successful advertising campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick.

Entrepreneur of the year – Elissa Freiha

By 2021, the UAE government has pledged to become one of top 25 countries for gender equality in the world — a goal that it would struggle to achieve if not for people like our next winner.

This exceptional Emirati-Lebanese businesswoman is the founder of Womena, a platform aimed at empowering women by attracting investors to invest in new female-led start-ups.

For more than five years Womena has dedicated itself to the goals of supporting more women in business, more women investors and a more inclusive, diverse, and consequently booming ecosystem. It is now the largest women-empowerment platform in the Middle East.

Inspiration Award – Oliver Percovich

In 2007, a scruffy Australian arrived in Kabul with little more than a bag of clothes and three skateboards. While working during the day, Oliver Percovich would lend his skateboards to Afghan teenagers to play with. They soon became the country’s first skateboarders. Noticing how skating drew positive attention from young people from various ethnicities and genders, Percovich decided to bring more skateboards into Afghanistan, and ultimately establishing the country’s first skateboarding school – with the underlying goal to provide Afghan youth a positive outlet and a safe community.

Today, Percovich‘s non-profit organization is known worldwide as ‘Skateistan’, and has since expanded from Afghanistan, to opening schools and community centres in Cambodia, and South Africa.  In 2015 Skateistan was awarded The Laureas Sport for Good Award, and a year later it was ranked as the 65th most important non-profit in the world, according to NGO Advisor, helping touch the lives of tens of thousands of children around the world.

Business person of the Year – Khalid Al Darwish

Originally based in Jeddah our winner launched a chain of supermarkets that has literally taken the country by storm. In the next two years alone, the Manuel Market brand plans to open 100 new stores.

But what really impressed our judges, and millions of Saudi customers for that matter, is his success in becoming the first food retailer in Saudi Arabia to introduce organic food. Again, this has been a novelty in the Kingdom and we believe a real game changer when it comes to healthy living.

Contribution to the Arts – Butheina Kazim

This year Marvel Studios made $5 billion at the worldwide box office, and while we all clearly enjoy an Avenger’s film, there is a magic behind cinema that goes beyond the mega multiplex. One place that has been successfully able to capture that magic is Cinema Akil.

The only independent arthouse cinema in the GCC opened its doors in its current Alserkal Avenue location in Dubai just over a year ago and has become a beacon for lovers of independent film ever since. Not only does it showcase cinema from across the Arab world, major cult classics and award-nominated documentaries, but via vehicles such as the newly created panel discussions series ‘Debatable’, it allows the communities to discuss subjects that are not often spoken about in the Middle East like the Michael Jackson documentary Finding Neverland.

Cinema Akil’s success is a credit to community building in the UAE and offers a much needed break from yet another Avenger’s film.

Comeback of the Year – Anthony ‘The Mooch’ Scaramucci

Last year our next recipient worked for US President as his Communications Director. He was hired in a hail of publicity – and then got fired 11 days later.

Better known as ‘The Mooch’, he is an American financier and entrepreneur, who is also now making it big in this region with his SALT leadership forums, and has become one of Mr Trump’s most outspoken critics. And if that isn’t enough – in an interview in this week’s Arabian Business magazine, he doesn’t rule out a bid for the White House himself one day.

Humanitarian Award – Kashif  Siddiqi and Bacary Sagna

Football is a game that has transcended the world like no other. Whether you are in the deserts of Al-Ula or the foothills of the Himalayas chances are young kids will be likely kicking a make-shift balls around for the sheer enjoyment of it. That is the starting point for the charity, Football For Peace.

This diplomatic youth sports movement uses the influence of football to educate and facilitate global integration regardless of race, creed, status or nationality.

Supported by heads of states and a who’s who footballing legends – including Harry Redknapp, Ronaldinho, and Dwight Yorke – Football for Peace looks to spread the message of social justice, gender equality, water sustainability and poverty, as a way of challenging mindsets through the power of the world’s most popular game.

Comedian of the year – Ahmed Helmy

One of the most loved and recognizable faces in Arab cinema, this Egyptian actor has built a storied career not just as the gold standard in comedic roles, but also as a film producer, television presenter and – alongside his wife, actress Mona Zaki – as a force for good, using his profile to promote fantastic causes including the United Nations’ ‘Food for Education’ project.

Proving that his talent has no expiry date, he made his film debut more than 20 years ago and yet still today, with his latest film Khayal Maata, shows that he remains in an elite group of leading men capable of pulling people away from their phones and into cinemas, a modern day miracle.

Catwalk International Organizes Fashion Week Dubai-The Determined Show-Season 2, 2019

Catwalk International organized Fashion Week Dubai 2019, featuring The Determined Show, of the 2nd Edition, which was held at Turf Lounge in The Meydan Hotel. The show celebrated the very best of the diversity of our community by bringing together high-end international and Emirati fashion brands modelled by people of determination.

The show was opened by a group of courageous boys and girls of determination, in cooperation with the Dubai Human Emotions Center, who proudly modelled toys and bags from TY Fashion, a global American brand that specializes in fun kids fashion accessories.

The star of the evening, internationally renowned designer Walid Atallah presented a distinguished show where he showcased his latest Haute Couture collection. His stunning and elegant creations, brought gasps of wonder and admiration from the audience. Atallah was joined by the well-known luxury jewellery designer Zozo Kahramana. Zozo draped the models with intricately fashioned works of art, such as those in amber, which she said radiated happiness and energy to the models and therefore to the audience.

In the third showing, the talented Lebanese designer Nermin Abdel-Khalek presented her ethereal collection, Dalia Haven, a kaleidoscope of soft, yellows, pinks and purples, inspired by the beauty of nature and flowers.

The wonderfully skilled Emirati designer Maryam Al Mazrou showcased her sophisticated galabiyas and gowns in light blue, beige, cream and pale pink with subtle embroidery and patterns. The polished, exquisite tailoring of her clothes echoed that of Claire Waight Keller for Givenchy.

Bravia by Guknar, who will be presenting at the Milan fashion show, performed a beautiful presentation of her new collection of Haute Couture dresses, characterized by elegance, boldness and sophistication.

The show concluded with the emerging fashion designer and artist Najoua Ajjour, who created one-of-a-kind pieces featuring her art interspersed with icons from the world of movies, fashion and music and bold striking features like feathers and flowers.

Othman Fakhri, the founder of Catwalk International and the organizer of the event said “our slogan is Fashion for All. We organised this event to bring together the beauty and diversity of fashion and the human race. We are so inspired by people of determination and our models who took to the catwalk to show these incredible designers. We hope to do many more shows like this in the future with worthwhile causes behind them”.

The Determined Show was held in the presence of a distinguished group of personalities, those interested in the world of fashion and media professionals.

Evaggelos Chasiotis And His ”Golden Pass” Sweet Proposal

Our team member, Lili Panagoulia goes round and smells the success of big events in Athens, Greece. So, this time Lili attended the event which was organized for the award-winning pastry chef Evaggelos Chasiotis who once again astounded everyone with his new sweet “temptation” called the “Golden Pass“, a special pastry proposal for the year 2020. November 28, 2019, Evaggelos’ presentation was held at “The Ecali Club”, a wonderful, strictly private, country club in the Northern suburbs of Athens.

Golden Pass 2020” by Evaggelos Chasiotis Haute Patisserie is yet another innovative idea by the well-known and very beloved pastry chef, who presented his new creation in two versions (coated with chocolate ganache & miroir au chocolat blanc). What makes this pastry proposal unique is a 100% edible 23.7ct gold leaf that decorates and transforms each of these versions into real works of art!

The event was hosted and coordinated by the well-known actress and presenter Natalia Dragoumi who addressed the Chef while the amazing dj Maggie Charalampidou was behind the decks!

As expected the event was a complete success and attended by famous actors, journalists, models, socialites, high society representatives etc.

A few words about Evaggelos Chasiotis

Evaggelos Chasiotis was born and raised in Karditsa, where he had his first contact with the pastry industry. His ongoing search for skills, deeper knowledge and experience leads him to the historic city of Rimini, Italy, where he will attend a specialized series of seminars on handmade Italian ice cream, after completing his studies at “Le Gourmet “ Institution where he attained his degrees in Pastry Arts and F&B Management.

Chef Chasiotis is a highly-skilled professional who has received numerous prestigious awards in Greece and Europe. His creations are his identity, his personal imprint, a bridge of talent and inspiration. A dreamy, restless spirit, modern & creative but also a perfectionist, he never settles for typical commercial pastry norms. Instead he is constantly seeking & experimenting in order to discover new paths to the wonderful world of taste and pleasure.      

Pastry chef Chasiotis’ previous experience includes various well-known restaurants and patisseries in Central Greece and the Greek islands. He currently works at Caffè I Frati Kifissia and I Frati Mykonos

Photographer: Maria Vardaki

Lili Panagoulia-Molecular Scientist/Socialite at the Evaggelos Chasiotis event