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He talks about politics and strategies

Graduate of Bachelor of International Studies at The University of Piraeus. Member of Laboratory of Energy and Environmental Policy Laboratory at The University of Piraeus. He has participated in European programs that were researching the migration crisis and has examined the ‘soft power’ of China in Greece with Institute of International Economic Relations. He speaks Polish, Greek, German and English, and has basic knowledge of French and Arabic. He takes great interest in research, philosophy, war, political violence, strategy and psychology.


She is the creative mind


Dionyssia Aggeliki Lyra was born in Patras, Greece. She studied Plant Science at the Agricultural University of Athens where she also completed her MSc and PhD studies. She is currently working as a Plant Scientist in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

She strongly believes that life is a gift to explore in its full flesh. She is a great supporter of “thinking outside of the box” approaches and almost obsessed with taking the roads less travelled. Her interaction with life-coaches and alternative personal growth expertise for the last two years, has given her an intriguing perspective on life. She has realized that by expanding self-awareness, knowledge and improving personal skills, you can live great experiences. She is currently doing World-Class speaking courses with Harry Singha, targeting to convey the loud and clear message to the scientific world to rediscover its authenticity in order to serve the community’s needs. The quotes and the short stories she writes derive from personalities she admires and from the distillation of her inner search and life experience.

“The great players rise to granularity” Robin Sharma


She loves style and beauty


Kanella Vollari was born in Athens, Greece. She studied fashion design and styling at Veloudakis Fashion School. Also, she studied painting at The Hellenic Center of Art and Culture tutored by the renowned Greek painter and sculptor Antonis Courtikakis. She took courses in theatrical makeup and costumes. She teached her students fashion design and theatrical design at The Public Institute of Vocational Orientation in Galatsi and Haidari. Her love for the arts led her to work as a make up artist, costume advisor and scenographer in many of the big Greek theatrical venues. She’s responsible for the styling and image making of many Greek artists as well as their performance venue of participation.
She volunteers to many events such as Olympic Games 2004, Athens, Eurovision Song Contest 2006, Athens, and an active member of the Greek National Olympic Academy.
Last but not least, she’s a fashion editor in many websites and e-magazines.
Kanella speaks English and Italian.


He is a life coach

James Alexopoulos

James Alexopoulos is the founder of James Coaching Organization active in Personal Improvement, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Life Coaching, Counseling and other techniques and strategies for Personal Development, Inner Peace and Goal Achievement. He was a Sales & Business Advisor since 2006 in Greece and Cyprus. He was a shareholder of Investia Greece & Lithos Investments based in Athens.

Due to his deep love for books and literature he began writing books from an early age and he has won International and Pan-Hellenic Prizes as well as Distinctions in Literature, Essays and Poetry.

His love for books and his interest for people and society was obvious from a very young age, when he started to write his first novel-essay in his grandfathers old typewriter.

He was also writing articles in newspapers and magazines on issues of Personal Development, Self Improvement and Counseling for Happiness and Mental Health.

All his work including books, his theories and advisory dialectic indulge in deep Psychology, are Sociological and anthropocentric!

He studied and attended Speeches and Lectures in Personal Development and Business Consultancy & Coaching in Greece, Cyprus, U.K and U.S.A. He has also been Certified as an NLP Master Practitioner, he is specialist in Hypnotherapy Tactics, he is a Certified as a Life Coach “Certificate of Coaching”, “Certificate of Mentoring”, Tantra Specialist diploma and other specialized training titles and certifications on advisory and coaching. He has also practiced in Personal Development methods: Meditation (Mantras), Yoga and Internal Harmony. Moreover he has dealt with the technique of spiritual concentration and Theta Waves.

Finally, he would like to say that problems and obstacles always exist. What we do about that is what really matters. Our attitude and understanding of things can turn them into useful experiences and eventually strength to move forward. Within difficulties and undesirable results come the power of achieving goals and this power is within you…

You can choose to have Happiness and Success!


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Dimitra Santa

She loves to write and recite

Dimitra Santa is a writer, a drama teacher and a radio hostess. She is a Greek native born in Lamia city, Southern Greece. She graduated from The Fine Arts University, major in Theatre and has a Master’s Degree in Drama Studies. During her school years, she developed a talent in writing. Then, when at university, she published articles and journals in newspapers. She directed and wrote plays for kids played by her drama class kids for many years. She’s a regular drama teacher in Greek public schools since 2003. She’s also a  radio hostess and producer in two radio stations, one local (Radio Gnomi) and on Voice of America (Greece) 106,1fm. In addition, she presents new books and writers to public throughout the country. Lately, she received an award for one of her latest poetry collection which was included in a big poetic anthology.


A touch of spices

Alexandros is an award-winning chef from Kalavryta, Greece who has dedicated his culinary career to placing Greek cuisine on the world map.

After a successful experience in the Greek islands and Athens, he got an offer to promote the Greek culture in Dubai which led to a full-time position with the One and Only Royal Mirage, where he lead three restaurants. Three years later he co-created Ena restaurant in Dubai, bringing more than 200 authentic Greek products from producers and farmers from small villages all around Greece.

In 2019 Alexandros became an official Ambassador of the Greek Gastronomy in UAE  (Greek Taste Beyond Boarders ). As an ambassador, he dedicates his time to consulting restaurants, organizing events like Abu Dhabi Formula 1Greek Expo, Taste of the World at Gulfoodand private VIP events as well as conducting professional and consumer cooking classes. His passion for Greek gastronomy and culture has gained a large coverage by international and Dubai media – TV shows, radio, print and digital platforms. Alexandros has also promoted the Greek gastronomy in Singapore, Italy, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka and around GCC countries. 

You can find more about Alexandros Pavlopoulos on his website or  Instagram @chefsperxos.

Stilvi Psilopoulou

Acting is her life

Stilvi Psilopoulou is a distinguished actress received her Bachelor’s degree in Acting in 2014 from one of the top Drama Schools in Athens, Greece, the Mary Vogiatzi-Traga Drama School while being already a holder of another Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature from the very well-known institution The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. 

Stilvi Psilopoulou has been working as an actor for almost a decade with some of the very best Greek actors like Elisavet Konstantinidou, Ilias Logothetis, Alexandros Stavrou, Katerina Didaskalou, Nikitas Tsakiroglou and more. She has also worked with the most prominent Greek directors like Dimitris Arvanitis, Yorgos Oikonomidis, Panos Aggelopoulos and more.

In the years 2006-2009, Stilvi Psilopoulou has been the lead in many theater productions in Thessaloniki. Later on, she moved to Athens where in 2011 she starred in the very well-known TV series Family Stories. She also took part in another TV series like Stolen Dreams. In 2014 she started expanding her creativity directing this time herself A Midsummer Night’s Dream with the participation of the students of Mavrommati School.

In 2016, she was the first to translate the British play Yard Gal in Greek in which she also starred and was the line producer. Under the direction of Alexandros Stavrou Yard Gal became a great success. One year later, she wrote, produced and starred in the short film Black Boxed which was nominated by the Female Filmmakers Festival in L.A. and awarded with special honors by the Artfools Eco-Fashion Film Festival in Greece. Black Boxed is what she calls her feminist manifesto. She has also taken part in other short films as well.

In 2017, she took part in The Saviors Of God-Spiritual Exercises which was staged at Odeon Of Herodes Atticus. The following year she starred in Prisoners at Vault Theater and a few months later she also starred in What Are You Doing There? which was staged at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, in London.

In 2020, she starred in Ciao Italia film and she also took part in The Ballad Of The Ripped Heart.

She has also started her own YouTube channel ”The STILVI Show” in which she has created a special series ”How to be a BITCH”. The fictual controversial character Dr. Bitch gives tips to women on how to be more independent, get their confidence back and win their Mr. Perfect’s heart.

Stilvi has also attended many acting and vocal workshops in both Athens and Thessaloniki and she is fluent in English, German and Greek.

Instagram: @stilvi_ps

Facebook: @stilvips