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She dares to talk

Despina Dimotsi 2Despina Dimotsi was born in Piraeus, Greece. She grew up in Kranidi, Argolis, Greece and lives in Germany. She works as a Journalist since 2008, and an Assistant Accountant and she studies History, Philosophy, Literature and Ancient Greek Literature.

In Greece, she worked in the newspapers “Observer of Argolis”, “Argolis Development’’, “Eikonoskopio-news” and in the magazines “Phenomena”, “International Greek Language”, in the radio station “Terranova”.

In Cyprus, she worked in the newspaper “Green Shield” and TV station “Extra TV”.

She has received praises in the following international literary competitions. In May 2011, at the 3rd International Contest “Nostos” on “Marbles-the story of a theft or theft of history?”. In September 2011, at the International Salamis Contest on “The Battle of Salamis”. In December 2016, at the contest ”Aristotle-The Great Philosopher” of the Association of North Greece Literary Work.

She is the author of several short stories, literary works (articles, texts, studies) and also writings concerning history, metaphysics, linguistics, philosophy and free reporting. She has served in the Municipal Committee of Ermionida and also she has participated in theatrical performances in Greece and Cyprus.

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