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She is the creative mind


Dionyssia Aggeliki Lyra was born in Patras, Greece. She studied Plant Science at the Agricultural University of Athens where she also completed her MSc and PhD studies. She is currently working as a Plant Scientist in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

She strongly believes that life is a gift to explore in its full flesh. She is a great supporter of “thinking outside of the box” approaches and almost obsessed with taking the roads less travelled. Her interaction with life-coaches and alternative personal growth expertise for the last two years, has given her an intriguing perspective on life. She has realized that by expanding self-awareness, knowledge and improving personal skills, you can live great experiences. She is currently doing World-Class speaking courses with Harry Singha, targeting to convey the loud and clear message to the scientific world to rediscover its authenticity in order to serve the community’s needs. The quotes and the short stories she writes derive from personalities she admires and from the distillation of her inner search and life experience.

“The great players rise to granularity” Robin Sharma